Why Is Diagnostic Testing Important?

Lots of car owners fear that fancy diagnostic testing is just a way to charge for another service. At Advanced Auto Sports we know that you might be skeptical. But we also know that you want your European car to run as well as it possibly can. Diagnostic testing can help to make sure that happens.

What Is Diagnostic Testing?

Diagnostic testing involves connecting a diagnostic reader to your car’s computer using a special port that’s built into every car. The diagnostic tool sifts through the information in the car’s computer in order to locate error codes. It then compiles those error codes for a technician to investigate further. This can narrow down possible causes to just one or two, which is a lot easier to manage.

It’s Your Car’s Way of Communicating Problems

Your European car has a few ways to let you know something is wrong. There are the performance problems you might run into and of course dashboard warning lights that give you clues here and there. But diagnostic testing gives the technician a little bit more of an idea where to look next and what to troubleshoot.

Other Benefits of Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing can save you hours and even days of having your European car out of commission. When there’s a tricky little intermittent issue, that can take many hours to trace back to the ultimate cause. Diagnostic testing narrows it down significantly. Another really big benefit is that if you do diagnostic testing regularly, you may not have repairs.

Routine Diagnostic Testing Can Help Prevent Issues

Routine diagnostic testing, say once a year, can help to spot things that you weren’t even aware were happening with your car. That means that before the check engine light goes on, your mechanic can figure out that there’s a fuel system issue or some other problem that could have led to a costly repair. There’s no limit on how often you can do diagnostic testing, though. If you want to make sure that all is well with every oil change, that’s definitely possible.

Is something going on with your European car? Give Advanced Auto Sports in Farmington, MI a call and we can do the diagnostic testing to determine what’s happening. You’ll have answers before you get the repairs and you’ll know just what to expect. We can also do routine diagnostic testing for you if you want to get ahead of the game.