What A Check Engine Light Might Mean: 3 Potential Scenarios

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You are driving down the road when you hear something go off in your European car. It’s an alert tone followed by a light indicator telling you to “check engine”. If there is one light that should be never left out of your vehicle, it’s that one.

But what does it exactly mean? Advanced Auto Sports offers three of the most common scenarios that might have just triggered the “check engine” light. Our ASE certified auto repair mechanics in Farmington, MI can tell you so many stories about how many people chose to ignore that light (and how it led to major problems).

It’s important for you to not ignore the “check engine” light as it will likely serve as a warning about a potential problem. What exactly could be wrong? Let’s consider the following scenarios:

1. Your gas cap is off

If you filled up and forgot to put the gas cap back on, your check engine light will pop on. If it’s missing completely, then you can easily replace it since most gas caps go for nothing higher than $15. The gas cap is used to prevent gas fumes from exiting your vehicle while also keeping your engine at the right amount of pressure.

Before you even drive away, check to see if your cap is still on the top of your car or if you placed it on top of the pump. We all forget about it sometimes, so it happens. But the other reasons why a check engine light comes on will also be more complex than a gas cap.

2. Failed sensors

You could have sensors that might fail. For example, an oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen that burns in your vehicle. A failing sensor won’t be able to give you an accurate reading.

Ignoring a failed sensor might also lead to other issues down the road like a poor fuel economy. It can also lead to other damaged and failed parts like spark plugs. If it is indeed a failed sensor as described on a code reader, get it replaced ASAP.

3. Something needs to be replaced

If you have a check engine light on, it’s best to bust out the code reader so you are able to get an accurate reading. You’ll be able to pick up the code and refer to your manual as to which part of your vehicle has an issue. Our mechanics near Novi, MI will replace a part that you need and get it done on the same day.

After all, the parts installed in your vehicle by us come with a 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty that is covered nationwide. Our parts are high-quality and will last a long time no matter how many miles you clock in. It’s all part of what we do here at Advanced Auto Sports.

Got a check engine light? Take care of it now

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