Land Rover Repair

Land Rover repairYour Land Rover might help you bring home groceries one weekend and go off-roading with you the next. Among European vehicles, it’s an extremely reliable and versatile choice for whatever your needs and wants might be. Here at Advanced Auto Sports, we know just what your Land Rover needs to keep up with your busy schedule.

What Does Land Rover Maintenance Entail?

Land Rover lays out a complete maintenance schedule according to mileage in the owner’s manual for each model. It’s best to refer to that for specifics, but in general, you should expect Land Rover service appointments roughly every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. These appointments are crucial, because they ensure that qualified mechanics, like those at Advanced Auto Sports, are able to spot issues that can affect your Land Rover’s performance well before they become a huge repair problem.

How Do You Know it’s Time for Land Rover Repair?

The biggest indication that your Land Rover needs some type of repair is to pay close attention to your dashboard lights. These lights are vital in that they help you to know what part of your Land Rover is having difficulty. For instance, your Land Rover engine light means that there is some issue affecting engine performance, which is not something that you should ignore. Contact Advanced Auto Sports in Farmington, MI right away and we can help.

What You Need to Know about Land Rover Brake Repair

Land Rover brake systems are complex systems that require every part to work properly and to expected specifications. The three-year, 36,000-mile warranty at Advanced Auto Sports means that if we repair your brakes, you can count on us to stand behind the parts and labor. If you’re noticing that your brakes are noisy or that there’s vibration or your Land Rover is pulling when you apply the brake pedal, don’t wait to get your brakes checked.

How Often Do You Need a Land Rover Oil Change?

Land Rover is the perfect vehicle for city driving or for off-roading. How often you need a Land Rover oil change depends on variables like how you drive your Land Rover, which model it is, and what type of oil you are using. In general, the oil change recommendation for regular oil is every 3,000 miles, while the recommendation for synthetic oil is every 5,000 miles.

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