Got A European Vehicle? Don’t Skip Its Oil Change! Here’s Why

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Oil changes are essential to the longevity of any car, and avoiding them can put your engine in jeopardy. If you want your BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, or any other European vehicle to be performing at its very best, you have to maintain the engine with oil changes. Not sure what that might look like for you? Allow us to explain further!

Lubricating the Engine

Have a BMW, Mercedes, or another European vehicle in Farmington Hills and wondering why it needs an oil change? Well, one of oil’s main tasks in your engine is to make sure that all of the moving parts are completely lubricated. If there is a shortage of oil in your engine, it is likely that metal pieces will rub and create friction. This can have catastrophic results, including extreme damage to the engine or even engine failure.

Cleaning Out Contaminants

Have you ever noticed how different oil looks coming out of your engine as compared to what it looked like going in? Engine oil looks dirtier coming out because it removes dirt, debris, and small metal pieces, carrying them to the filter. When the oil is changed, any contaminants left in the oil will be removed along with it.

How are European Cars Different?

Many (though not all) European cars have diesel engines, which require synthetic oil. Putting the wrong oil in your Porsche could have dire consequences, so it is best to trust a professional to ensure you are giving it the best treatment possible.

Some European car manufacturers have stated that their newer models don’t need oil changes until 7,500-13,000 miles, with some even claiming that you can wait until 15,000. It’s a good idea to consult with a qualified technician to make sure you don’t wait too long between changes.

At Advanced Auto Sports, we specialize in European vehicles. Our staff is made up of qualified professionals who know exactly what type of oil and filter your Mini Cooper, Volvo, or Fiat might need. You can rely on us to know what is best for your European car! If you have questions or want to book an appointment, call us!