Four Reasons Your Brakes Are Squealing

Your European car has great performance under the hood, but if you can’t stop, that’s a huge problem. Advanced Auto Sports has the information you need to know about why your brakes might be squealing and what it might take to resolve the problem. Don’t forget that a problem with your brakes is not one that you can ignore for long.

You’ve Made it to the Wear Sensor

Quite a few brands of brake pads have something called a wear sensor or a wear tab on the brake pads. This sensor is designed to let you know that your brake pads are getting a little worn. You may find that this sound starts and then after a few days, it stops again. That doesn’t mean the problem is fixed, it just means you’re past the wear tab.

The Brake Pads Are Completely Worn Out

If your brake pads are completely worn down, they’ll also squeal. This is a more consistent sound, though, because you’ve possibly worn through the pad itself and you’re into the backings of the pad. You’re likely also hearing other sounds besides squealing, like scraping and grinding sounds.

The Rotor Is Uneven

When the rotor isn’t in good condition or is wearing unevenly, it’s not able to connect with the brake pads well. That might mean that your brake pads are also wearing unevenly and that’s a massive problem when it comes to stopping your car safely. Getting the rotors turned so that they’re properly even may be enough to fix this issue. If you leave it too long, though, you’ll need new brake pads because of the rotor wearing away at them faster than necessary.

Your Calipers Are Damaged

Malfunctioning calipers can also make some noise. They may not be squeezing the brake pad hard enough against the rotor or there may be a hydraulic issue. Regardless, your brakes aren’t going to work properly if the caliper can’t do the job of applying enough force to the rotor. It’s also possible that the calipers aren’t getting enough brake fluid to them to close fully, causing a squealing sound.

Need someone to inspect the brakes in your European car and find out why they’re so noisy? Give us a call at Advanced Auto Sports in Farmington, MI. We’ll set up an appointment for you and take a thorough look at your entire brake system to diagnose the problem.

Photo by Korvit78 from Getty Images via Canva Pro