Fixing Vehicle Leaks By Advanced Auto Sports

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Advanced Auto Sports is your European vehicle specialist in Farmington, Michigan. Whether you drive Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Land Rover, you bought a unique vehicle engineered in Europe and expect top-notch performance.

Advanced Auto Sports can help. Owned by Blanard Jarbo and his right hand dog Loki, Advanced Auto Sports is ready to help keep your machine running. All cars do eventually have issues, and Blanard would love to help you prevent, diagnose, and fix issues before they become major ordeals.

Oil Pan and Engine Leaks

Your oil pan and the system that sends oil to your engine are crucial to performance and longevity. Your engine needs a steady stream of oil to keep pistons and rods going, and Advanced Auto Sports offers serious expertise in finding issues. Whether you have noticed a drip in your driveway or garage, or you feel like your oil might be burning faster than normal, we are happy to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

We can replace corroded seals and gaskets that cause gradual oil leaks. We also work quickly and often offer same day service. Instead of spending the weekend in your garage trying to fix your issue, bring it here. Customers from Northville and Plymouth also come to us for European car fixes.

Power Steering

Many modern European vehicles use power steering to make moving your steering wheel easier. Like any other fluid contained within your vehicle, the power steering fluid can leak out and eventually cause performance issues. Advanced Auto Sports can help with your European car repair, including ensuring your power steering is working correctly and not leaking. Like engine leaks, power steering leaks can be gradual. Bring your vehicle into Advanced Auto Sports on a regular basis to solve problems early.


Coolant leaks are critical to catch right away, as coolant keeps your engine cool. Coolant leaks can make your engine prone to overheating and usually leaves a green color in your parking space. Get coolant leaks looked at right away because like oil, they keep your engine running smoothly

Routine Inspections

Many parts of your European vehicle can develop leaks. Trust our ASE Certified Technicians to inspect every part of your vehicle that could leak, from the engine to power steering, windshield wiper solution, and transmission fluids. All parts are critical to current and future performance that you love in your European car.

While you can keep a close eye on your European vehicle to notice leaks as they happen, routine professional inspections like we offer at Advanced Auto Sports ensure you don’t miss anything.

Get started today! Call us or head to our shop at 22455 Farmington Rd, Farmington, MI 48336. We offer free loaner vehicles and free rides from our shop to your work or home, even when our service is same day. We know your life keeps moving and we will help you keep it moving. Come in and meet Blanard and say hello to Loki while you are at it.