Does the Exhaust in Your European Car Help with Performance?

Advanced Auto Sports knows that it’s tempting to look for ways to increase your European car’s performance well beyond what “they” say it can do. You might think that your car’s exhaust is the place to start. But you might be surprised at what your European car’s exhaust system and can and cannot do in terms of performance-boosting, and how exhaust leaks may hinder things.

The Exhaust System Funnels Harmful Gases from the Engine 

The exhaust system in your European car is designed to capture harmful gases from within the engine after combustion happens. As it captures those gases, it helps to filter them, sending them through the catalytic converter where they’re converted to less harmful gases. Then the rest of the exhaust system shuttles the exhaust outside of the engine, without letting anything get into the passenger compartment. This is under ideal conditions, of course, and assuming that there’s nothing wrong with your European car’s exhaust system.

The Exhaust System Optimizes Engine Power

When you start talking about engine power and your exhaust system, you might come to the conclusion that your exhaust system somehow is able to give your European car more power, more oomph, and therefore an expensive or upgraded exhaust would therefore give you even more power. But it’s not that simple. Other parts of your car’s engine do a lot more of the heavy lifting in terms of getting your car more horsepower than your exhaust system does. What your exhaust system does do really well is help to optimize your engine.

Exhaust Leaks Can Make the Engine Less Efficient

You see, when your exhaust system isn’t functioning well, that’s when you’re going to notice what it does. The exhaust is responsible for helping to make sure that your car’s engine has the optimal mix of fuel, air, and spark in order to combust properly. If the exhaust isn’t funneling those burned carbon gases out of your car’s engine properly, or if it’s leaking somewhere and fumes are getting back into the engine, it’s going to run much less efficiently. You’ll notice that as a lack of power and in decreased gas mileage.

If your European car’s exhaust doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to, there might be something going on. Advanced Auto Sports in Farmington, MI can help you to diagnose the problem and get your exhaust back to perfect working order. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro